Creative Marketing Sales established in 1969. We are a full service advertising agency so we can handle any advertising project. Many of our clients have used our services for twenty, thirty and even forty years! It has made us proud to help them and to be a part of their continued growth.


Our professional staff works with each client, within their specified budget, to create an effective advertising campaign. From researching the best media to creating the end ad, we are with the client every step of the way. We take an unbiased approach to looking at all possibilities and making the best recommendations for each client's advertising goals.
Our goal is always to maximize the client's advertising results.


Our staff knows that time is money. One of the greatest benefits we bring to our clients is saving you time and money. We manage your advertising so you can manage your business. At the end of the day, our motto is: Our Only Business is YOURS!!

Our media department works with a variety of media: from traditional- radio, television, print to modern- digital, social media and e-blasting and many forms in between- billboards, bus benches and so much more! We have connections with media- locally, statewide, nationally and we have worked with some international media as well. We research each individual media and compare the end user to the client's target market. We negotiate the best rates and show you how to reach key demographics by pinpointing your customers to increase your company's market share.


We also know that media is constantly evolving. We stay on top of advertising trends to make sure that your advertising dollars deliver results. We do the hard work so you don't have to.

Often considered the "fun" part of the process, our Creative Department does its due diligence in ensuring that the message we create delivers a clear, concise and message that leaves an impression on the desired customer. Each client is an integral part of the creative process from initial concept to ad completion. We want to create a memorable, high quality message.


We can also refine existing ads to help maintain awareness and retention. We know the constantly changing nature of most markets and we work hard to make sure your message stays fresh. We want your message to work and to be something
you are proud of.

We can communicate your message across any medium:
Broadcast Media such as TV. . .
. . . and Radio. . .
. . .Print Media like Newspaper or Magazine ads, even your own Flyers and Brochures. . .
. . .We also do Web-Marketing such as E-Blasting and Social Media,
We can even design your website!

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